What I life for


We share this life
meet in moon time

in silence

till the sun comes up
forget all worlds lies

I am not  alone,
I am because of you
I meet me
in our laughter
our tears  are safely in
we reach full

in each other hearts

I am not alone,
I need your truth
I need your voice

your sharp tongue
where your cut freedom from illusion

I can because you dare
truely watch me in the eyes
embrace my wounded parts..

Remember me
with your vision of reality

we lift each other up
bring feet back to the ground
and if you are

at the other side of worlds
you are still with me

to Resonate
Bring yourself to life

Whole is together

I deeply understand

we are all homesick
for all is one, every one
a part of life
the road to love

I want to be here

of you

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